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What is CLiC?

Què es Clic


CLiC-Centre de Llenguatge i Computació is a research center focused on computational language processing with various lines of research, created by M. Antonia Martí Antonín in 1998.

The main research areas of CLiC include:

  1. Development of linguistic technology resources: This area is dedicated to creating resources such as annotated corpora, lexicons, and analyzers that serve as a basis for language processing applications such as information extraction, question answering, information retrieval, machine translation, and speech technologies. 
  2. Methodological foundation of resources: In addition to creating resources, CLiC makes the methodology used to develop these resources available to the research community, fostering transparency and collaboration in the field of computational linguistics and artificial intelligence. 
  3. Construction of a model of linguistic performance: The goal of this line of research is to develop a model of linguistic performance, both written and spoken, through a bottom-up approach based on data. This means that they use data as a basis for constructing their models. 

The research lines include computational linguistics, artificial intelligence, second language acquisition, bio-neurolinguistics, and linguistic diversity

Finally, it is important to highlight that CLiC has been recognized as a consolidated research group by the Generalitat de Catalunya through various research programs in different years (2021 SGR 00313, 2017 SGR 341, 2014 SGR 623, 2009 SGR 611, SGR-2005-00309). This recognition is an indicator of their excellence and significant contribution in the field of computational linguistics and artificial intelligence.