AnCora-Net is a Catalan, Spanish and English multilingual lexicon which combines syntactic-semantic and conceptual information from different sources: the Spanish AnCora-Verb-ES and the Catalan AnCora-Verb-CA lexicons, and information from the Unified Verb Index (UVI). This index merges different English knowledge sources: VerbNet, PropBank, FrameNet, WordNet 3.0and OntoNotes. Each verbal sense in the AnCora-Verb lexicons has the following information associated to it:

  • Semantic class, thematic roles, selectional restrictions on arguments, and frames from VerbNet.
  • FrameNet conceptual frames.
  • PropBank verbal senses, with their corresponding arguments and thematic roles.
  • WordNet 3.0 verbal senses.
  • OntoNotes verbal senses, where the sense grouping is more coarse-grained than in WordNet.