ClInt (Clinical Interview) is a bilingual Spanish-Catalan spoken corpus that contains 15 hours of clinical interviews. It consists of audio files aligned with multiple-level transcriptions comprising ortographic, phonetic and morphological information, as well as linguistic and extralinguistic encoding.

This corpus in not available.

Person responsible for the recordings: Gustavo Tolchinsky (Hospital Municipal de Badalona)

Person responsible for the transcriptions: Santiago González (UB)

This corpus is the result of a project funded by the Spanish Science and Innovation Ministry (FFI2009-06252-E/FILO).

Person responsible for the project: M. Antònia Martí (UB)

Participants in the project: Joaquim Llisterri (UAB), Maria Jesús Machuca (UAB), Mariona Taulé (UB) y Marta Vila (UB)

Transcription and encoding guidelines:

Transcription examples:

Contact: Marta Vila