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Marta Recasens receives the Blecua Prize 2011

The Blecua Prize 2011 for the best published work based on a doctoral thesis has been awarded to Marta Recasens Potau for the paper “Identity, non-identity, and near-identity: Addressing the complexity of coreference” published in Lingua, 121(6):1138-1152.

44 papers coming from different fields such as Philosophy, History, Anthropology, Economics, Law, Education, Psychology, Geography and Library Science were presented for the prize. Marta Recasens paper was selected because of the relevance of the subject matter, its argumental strength, the methodology used and the quality of the journal in which it was published. In addition to the article’s merits, the jury took into consideration the candidate’s excellent academic record. This is the first time that the Blecua Prize has been awarded to a Doctor in Philology.

The prize-giving ceremony will take place in the Aula Magna at 7.30pm on the 1st of December 2011.