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Alex Peiró-Lilja
PhD Student
Research Staff in Training
Research line
Computational Linguistics
Department of Catalan Philology and General Linguistics, UB



    De Grazia, Laura, Alex Peiró Lilja, Mireia Farrús Cabeceran, Mariona Taulé (2024, March). How should Conversational Agent systems respond to sexual harassment?Proceedings of the 1st Worskhop on Towards Ethical and Inclusive Conversational AI: Language Attitudes, Linguistic Diversity, and Language Rights (TEICAI 2024), pp. 28-35, St. Julians, Malta. Association for Computational Linguistics.


    G. Cámbara, A. Peiró-Lilja, M. Farrús, J. Luque. English Accent Accuracy Analysis in a State-of-the-Art Automatic Speech Recognition System. PaPE 2021 Workshop "From speech technology to big data phonetics and phonology - a win-win paradigm". Barcelona, Catalonia, June 2021.


    B. Külebi, A. Öktem, A. Peiró-Lilja, S. Pascual, M. Farrús. CATOTRON -- A neural text-to-speech system in Catalan. Proceedings of Interspeech. Shanghai, China, October 2020.


    A. Peiró-Lilja, M. Farrús. Paragraph prosodic patterns to enhance text-to-speech naturalness. Proceedings of the Speech Prosody Conference. Poznań, Poland, June 2018.